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Big-Finned Bristlenose Pleco

Big-Finned Bristlenose Pleco
Ancistrus Dolichopterus

Length: 5.0"
Sex: Males are darker in color while females are pale in color.
Feeding: Algae and scraps of food that falls to the bottom.
Social Behaviour: Territorial. Is good for keeping tank clean but may bother other bottom dwelling fish.

Up Keep: Provide a spacious tank with ample hiding places and well circulated water.
Breeding: Soft acid water will give best results. Eggs are laid in hollows or caves and protected by the male. Eggs will hatch after about 5 days.
Comments: These are great for keeping a tank clean. They are plecos that don't get as big as the normal pleco. Can be kept in smaller tanks and will do well. Males tend to be territorial and will pester other bottom dwelling fish.

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