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Spotted Puffer

Spotted Puffer
Tetraodon Schoutedeni

Length: 4.0"
Sex: The female is much larger than the male.
Feeding: Loves live foods including snails, tubifex worms and even earth worms.
Social Behaviour: Very peaceful for a puffer. May be a bit of a fin nipper.

Up Keep: Needs a spacious aquarium with plenty of plants and shelters. Water should be slightly salty.
Breeding: Difficult in an aquarium. Eggs are laid on a leaf or stone and are guarded by the male.
Comments: These fish are fun but they do like live foods so you need to be prepared to feed them with fish fry, small snails, various kinds of worms and even earth worms. I could never get mine to eat anything that wasn't living. All he ever wanted to eat was the other fish in the tank and would nip at his tank mates.

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