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Leopard Bushfish

Leopard Bushfish
Leopard Ctenapoma

Length: 5.0"
Sex: Spikes on the gill covers the male.
Feeding: Feeder guppies, live blackworms, brine shrimp.
Social Behaviour: If it is bigger than a guppy, no problem.

Up Keep: They like hard water, drift wood and plants to blend in with. These are African river fish.
Breeding: So far, no luck in captive breeding.
Comments: These are very peaceful fish. they will come out of hiding when I approach the tank to feed them. They appear to be slow moving fish, but, can swim fast. They are similar to a leaf fish in that they will sit in the water motionless and wait for their food to swim by. Nocturnal by nature, but, will come out during the day too. I bought five of them when they were only about an inch and a half long. This was about a year and a half ago. They are now 4 inches long and doing very well. They are supposed to be jumpers, so, keep all openings at the top of the tank sealed. As I said, I have had them for sometime now and have not had any problems with these fish. Very beautiful coloration. Brown and black (like a leopard).

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