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Kenyi Cichlid

Kenyi Cichlid
Metriaclima lombardoi

Length: 6.0"
Sex: Male is yellow in color while female retains a metallic blue color with dark stripes.
Feeding: Fish will eat algae wafers and other commercially prepared fish foods.
Social Behaviour: Very aggressive and territorial. Will mix with other aggressive Lake Malawi Cichlids.

Up Keep: Recommend a spacious aquarium with plenty of caves and hiding places. Minimum tank size of 50 Gal. is best.
Breeding: Males can get very aggressive. Moving the female while brooding is a good idea if the male will not stop bothering her. Having several females to one male will help divide up the attention of the male.
Comments: This is a popular Lake Malawi Cichlid. They are extremely aggressive and should not be kept with smaller more timid fish. A minimum tank size of 50 Gal. is recommended and it is best to keep one male and several females. They will mix with other aggressive Lake Malawi Cichlids.

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