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Khuli Loach

Khuli Loach
Acanthopthalmus Khulii

Length: 4.0"
Sex: The females are fatter than the males.
Feeding: They will eat all kinds of foods. Feed flakes and various live foods.
Social Behaviour: A peaceful, social fish that likes to live in groups. Best to keep a small group of 3 or 4.

Up Keep: Needs a soft gravel or sand bottom with plenty of places to hide. Use floating plants to subdue the lights.
Breeding: Not much is known about their breeding habits. When they do spawn it is usually in groups and green, sticky eggs are placed on the bottom of floating plants.
Comments: If you want an eel like fish that will not grow too big then this is the one you need to consider. They are social and like to live in groups. They will spend most of the day hiding then get more active in the evening and night. Feed them flakes and small live foods.

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