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Chinese / Indian Algea-Eater

Chinese / Indian Algea-Eater
Gyrinocheilus Aymonieri

Length: 11.0"
Sex: Difficult to distinguish. Very little differences if any.
Feeding: Loves algae. Feed algae wafers and sometimes they will eat flakes.
Social Behaviour: A territorial fish that does not do well with other fishes. Best kept alone.

Up Keep: A tough fish that can handle a variety of water conditions. Tank should have some hiding places.
Breeding: Little is known about breeding these fish.
Comments: They love things to hide in, small secure spaces, some caves or forests are recommended... Loves plants, and mine seemed to be attached to the bala sharks... It likes to have lots of fish in the tank with it... When they are young they make great cleaning fish and they will clear the algae up real fast. However when they mature they become territorial and aggressive. They will harass their tank mates continually. For this reason I have placed them in the aggressive fish category.

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