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Red-Tailed Black Shark

Red-Tailed Black Shark
Epalzeorhynchos Bicolor

Length: 4.75"
Sex: The way to tell a male apart from a female is the dorsal fin. It ends with a point on the male and a right angle on the female.
Feeding: Live foods, flakes and algae wafers. Also likes vegetable matter like lettuce or spinach leaves.
Social Behaviour: It is a semi-aggressive, territorial fish that doesn't like other fish of its own species. Not the best addition to a community tank unless tank is very large.

Up Keep: Should be kept in a large tank. Some plants and areas to hide with an open space for swimming.
Breeding: Not easy to breed but some have been able to have success. They spawn in a cave type area and fry hatch after 2 days.
Comments: If you have live bearers such as guppies or platy fish which breed fairly easy and often, the Red-Tailed Black Shark is great for population control.

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