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Powder Blue Cichlid

Powder Blue Cichlid
Pseudotropheus Socolofi

Length: 3.0"
Sex: Some females male lack egg spots.
Feeding: Will accept a wide variety of commercial foods.
Social Behaviour: Mildly aggressive. Can be kept with other mild mannered Labidochromis.

Up Keep: Tank should have hardy plants and plenty of rocks that create passage ways and caves. Tank should be no smaller that 29 Gallons.
Breeding: Breeding is difficult because of aggressiveness. A mouth breeder. Female will take care of up to 60 fry after spawning.
Comments: A very attractive Lake Malawi Cichlid. They are mildly aggressive and can be kept with Electric Yellows and other mild mannered Lake Malawi Cichlids. One of the hardier mbuna species that is good for a first time Cichlid keeper.

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