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Angelfish Cichlid

Angelfish Cichlid
Pterphyllum scalare

Length: 8.0"
Sex: Very difficult to tell as there are no real differences.
Feeding: All kinds of live foods are accepted as well as flakes.
Social Behaviour: Territorial fish that swim in schools. They well pair up as they mature.

Up Keep: Prefers a well planted tank with an open area for swimming. Water should be kept warm, between 24 and 28 C.
Breeding: A pair should be selected from a school of younger Angelfish. Set temperature at 26 to 28 C. Female lays her eggs on a previously cleaned surface. She will lay up to 1,000 eggs.
Comments: A hardy and popular fish. Many aquarists enjoy the addition of Angelfish to their tank. They are easy to keep and social.

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