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Astronotus Ocellatus

Length: 12.0"
Sex: Difficult to tell male from female.
Feeding: All sorts of live foods. Small fish and worms. Pellets also accepted.
Social Behaviour: Pairs will care for fry together. Tends to bully smaller fish.

Up Keep: Prefers a tank with deep gravel and some large rocks. Keep a few plants and and a open area for swimming.
Breeding: Females will lay 1000 to 2000 eggs on a cleaned rock. Both parents will care for the fry. Best results are achieved with water between 26 and 30 C.
Comments: All too often these fish are purchased by unprepared hobbiest who have a tank that is much too small for them. Be prepared to give these fish the proper living conditions when purchasing a small one. They quickly grow and should be kept in at least a 75 gallon tank.

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