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Harlequin Rasbora

Harlequin Rasbora
Rasbora Heteromorpha

Length: 1.75"
Sex: The male is thinner with a marking that has a more rounded front edge.
Feeding: Will eat flakes and other live foods.
Social Behaviour: A peaceful schooling fish that does well with others of its own type. Keep in a school of eight or more.

Up Keep: Needs lots of plants and some hiding places. Floating plants are suggested for dimming the light.
Breeding: Difficult to do. Lower the water and use many plants with wide leaves. Place the pair in the tank and then remove after spawning.
Comments: These are great additions to a community tank. They are active schooling fish that will mix with many other Rasboras and Tetras. If your looking to add a school of lively and peaceful fish to your current community tank, you have to consider these guys. Mixing some Espe's Rasboras with these fish will give a little variety to your school of fish.

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