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Cuvier's Bichir

Cuvier's Bichir
Polypterus Senegalus

Length: 12.0"
Sex: The male has a larger and thicker anal fin.
Feeding: Carnivorous. Live guppies, worms and occasionally sinking pellets.
Social Behaviour: Actually not territorial but can be aggressive to small and slow moving fishes that can fit to their mouths. It gulps for air to breath because of their modified swim bladder like lungs.

Up Keep: Sandy substrate will do, with bogwood and robust plants.
Breeding: Hard to keep in aquarium but possible cooler water might initiate spawning the eggs hatch for about 4 days
Comments: I have two of these fish, a male and a female, and they are great. I haven't experienced any problems with my fish just once when they got sick. Don't overfeed because this fish is prone to disease like dropsy or bloating, proper diet is a must. I'm serious!

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