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Fire Eel

Fire Eel
Mastacembelus Erythrotaenia

Length: 39.0"
Sex: Females are fatter than the males.
Feeding: They like to eat a variety of live foods and as they get bigger they become predators and will eat small fish.
Social Behaviour: Should only be kept with fishes of the same size or larger. They do not get along with other Fire Eels.

Up Keep: Bottom should be soft sand and there should be caves and other places for hiding. Use floating plants to dim aquarium light.
Breeding: No reports of breeding in an aquarium.
Comments: If you like eels and have a large aquarium then this fish is a fun addition to a large tank. They are fairly peaceful when young but get more aggressive as they mature. They are predators so any tank mates need to be large enough to not become prey. They do not get along with their own species so keep only one in a tank. Add a little salt(1 to 2 teaspoons per 2 1/2 gallons) to the tank for optimal living conditions.

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