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Silver Needlefish

Silver Needlefish
Xenentodon Cancila

Length: 12.0"
Sex: Male will have a black edge on its dorsal and anal fins.
Feeding: Live foods only, fish, river/ghost shrimp, crickets and tadpoles will all be taken.
Social Behaviour: Extremely Agressive only keep with others of the same species.

Up Keep: Temperature 22-28ᄚC / 71-82ᄚF; pH 7.0  7.5. They are jumpers and the tank should be covered. Place plants along the edges to allow a nice open swimming space.
Breeding: Breeding is simple as long as suitable male/female pairs are kept together, initiate spawning by feeding large amounts of small live fish and doing large daily water changes.
Comments: Will kill all types of cichlids and catfish no plants they will destroy them.

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